Doctor Zippy

The Story of Facing Fears

Hey yous. Check out the  Podcast version of this story  here: podcast version of this story.


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  1. Great first podcast Matt.

    Advice for next podcast: I like the structure (song-story-song) but you need to either turn up your voice or turn down the music because one is much louder than the other. Also, when the story is done, I think you need to stop talking about it. I say this as a friend who cringes to hear you embarrass yourself outside of the context of the story. I love when you embarrass yourself in the stories. Keep up the good work, embarrassing yourself.

    • mattprins,

      Haha! Ok. No more talking when talking is not needed. Done. I was kind of cringing while I was saying it… good sign.

  2. Chris,

    Dr Mowat seems to be a good man, after all. I agree with assaultofknowledge about the talkig. I didn’t understand the first line of the doctor. ‘I will be chicken and tired’ I sounded like. I hope there are more podcasts coming to hear your lovely voice.

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