Chief Mag


The Story of Redirecting Your Attention

Brothers and Sisters, in this past week I’ve been entering data into spreadsheets by day and painting over purple walls by night. I’ve been neglecting the Instantaneous so that I may focus a bit more clearly in the new year. So in this time I will be posting shite posts not unlike this one…

This is no instant book, but it is a redirection to writing of mine. In the newest online issue of Chief Mag (as of December 10th, 2008) the story of my failed NY life appears.

Chief Mag was founded by a very dear and bearded friend – Andy Smith, who was not only kind enough to find a place for me to live in Brooklyn, but who also asked me to contribute to his baby. Have a read through and take note of my recycled material.

And if you’ve not read it already, here is an interview I did with Chief well over a year ago which, to my dismay, heavily emphasizes my dink being licked by dogs.

Bonus Material: Dear Friend Omar makes a contribution in this most recent Chief and includes me in his article.

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