Make an Instant Accordion

A Return to Our Bible

A Return to Our Bible

The last two instant books I made were Instant Accordions, which seems to be an Ester K. Smith original. I can not find this same style anywhere on the Internal Nets. So I had to scan the folding directions directly from “How to Make Books.”

This is good stuff if you need to make a story that needs more than 8 pages. The accordion makes 16.


Use a heavier paper so that it doesn’t get all springy sproingy, droopy when you’re all finished and be sure to take some extra time folding this sucker, cause if you do it sloppily it ends up looking like a real mess. And now it brings me great pleasure to introduce to you … Accordion Magic!


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  1. Lovely,

    I am slightly addicted, I just read every single book, twice. I am going to make this accordian book. I do not think it will have your depth, but it will kill time until the next numbers need to be entered. thank you.

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