The Story of Not Wanting to Talk






photo of Merche by Nicole Kenney

A few things: 1. This instant book was made as an accordion fold. 2. If you’re having trouble reading my writing use this special Mac Trick (ctrl + scroll forward with your cursor) or tell me and I’ll type the words below each picture. 3. XXXO to all you stupid successful Fabricante.


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  1. Now, I could write a long comment telling you why I thought your job as secretary was brilliant. And I could try to explain how I feel the exact same way and forget about my full-time job involves writing.
    But I will tell you something else: I have the story for my instant book, but still looking for the paper. It might take a while.

  2. Reed,

    HAHAHAHAHA. This story is great. Really I love it. Natalie just told me to read it and this is our follow up discussion on ichat that followed:

  3. mattprins,

    “He’s really back on form?”
    What’s that supposed to mean?

    But thanks for nice words anyway.

  4. Natti,

    i wish i had WRITTEN my comment before a certain someone. I loved it for more reasons than you know. You’re GREAT Prinsface.

  5. eo,

    I almost started crying while I read this Matt. I too feel like I am coming up woefully, woefully short.

    But it’s never too late, dammit!

  6. nicole,

    nnnnnnice. i feel like i am in your boat! when u coming back to new york? let me know.

  7. nadina,

    wow i never read this one before…and i got you that stupid parking office job. however, these experiences fuel your writing so eat them up.

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